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Under Driveway Pipe Repair Without Digging / Excavation


It is no longer a destructive job to repair or replace pipes underneath a residential driveway. In the past it was required to bring out the jackhammers to break through your driveway in order to get access to a pipe located underneath your driveway. We now offer a much better solution to the old destructive, expensive and slow proces of pipe replacement. It is called CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe). This product allows us to repair broken, cracked, corroded, leaking, root infested old pipes that are located underneath driveways. The Perma-Liner pipe liners we use are ASTM F1216 approved and last a minimum of 50 years and prevent future leaks, roots, corrosion and they work on almost all types of pipes including clay, Orangeberg, cast iron, PVC and other common plumbing pipes found in residential and commercial buildings.


The process is very simple and fast:


1. We perform a video inspection of the pipe underneath your driveway using CCTV cameras. This allows us to make the pipe liner and mix the epoxy resins to perform your pipe repair.


2. We clean the pipe of any corrosion, roots and debris.


3. The pipe liner is impregnated with the epoxy resin mixture and the liner is installed from the access pipe.


4. After 3 hours of curing, the pipe is inspected and water is turned on for testing.



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Recent Project: Under Driveway Pipe Repair - CIPP Pipe Lining


Type: Driveway pipe repair

Problem: Low water pressure and water dirty.
Location: Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota County

Recieved a call from a Sarasota resident that they had low water pressure suddenly and that there was dirt particles in the water. They also said that a big area around their driveway flooded and they thought they had a leak. When we arrived the home owner told us that another company had been out earlier and told them they need a 30 foot area of pipe replaced undernath their driveway and it would require the driveway to be excavated and replaced. We recommended using the pipelining process CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) to rehab the old pipe. They were informed that the pipe would last a minimum of 50 years and they decided to go with that option. Our pipe lining team was dispatched to their Sarasota home and after a video inspection the epoxy resins were mixed and liners were cut to correct lengths. We entered the damaged pipe underneath the driveway from the garage access and the pipe was cleaned. After the pipe was cleaned, the liner was installed. After 3 hours of curing the pipe was inspected and water service was turned back on and tested.


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We can repair pipes without replacement, drive way pipe repair, re-line, rehab, repair pipes underneath your home, business or property without digging. Driveways, sidewalks, concrete foundations, roads, streets, slabs and other residential and commercial applications.



Under Driveway Pipe Repair